Daily schedule

8:50 a.m. zoom room opens

9 a.m. opening remarks

9:15 a.m. keynote

9:50 a.m. panel

10:30-11:30 a.m.  – Workshop breakouts (three options)

*** Please plan for 9am-12pm EST

July 20, 2023

Topic:  Commitment to Pushing the Needle Forward

  • Owning Your Growth: You are worth the investment

Presented by:  Ebony Burgess

Topic:  Intentionality

  • You Are the Expert: Adding the voices of Women of Color to the chat on the evening news

Presented by:  Elaine Houston

Topic:  Urgency

  • Modern Marianismo

Presented by:  Dr. Damary M. Bonilla-Rodriguez

July 27, 2023

Topic:  Commitment to Pushing the Needle Forward

  • Authentic Allies: Let us help you understand the A

Presented by:  Dr. Karen King and Sara Taylor

Topic:  Intentionality

  • Sister to Sister: Harvesting our healing and connecting to our deep roots

Presented by:  Dr. Latise Hairston

Topic:  Urgency

  • Setting our Own Agendas: Embracing as Woman of Color

Presented by:  Tomicka Wagstaff and Stephanie Paredes

July 27 – post summit – virtual table talk 11:40am – 12:30pm

Chocolate Mindfulness experience to decrease stress and increase mindfulness

Presented by:  Melissa Muller

August 3, 2023

 Topic:  Commitment to Pushing the Needle Forward

  • Coach, Mentor, or Sponsor: Which is best for you

Presented by:  Dr. Kim McKinsey-Mabry

Topic:  Intentionality

  • Amplifying Your Personal & Professional Brand

Presented by:  Kilolo Moyo-White

Topic:  Urgency

  • Emotional Self-Care at Work for Black Women – Myth or reality

Presented by:  Dr. Nadjete Natchaba and Pascale Noel


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