Diversity Training

Businesses are learning the benefits and responsibilities of inclusion, diversity and equity. This is one of our specialty areas.

Inclusion impacts recruitment, retention and business success

Eleversity is a leader in creating awareness and understanding of workforce issues relating to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Support for Diversity Initiatives

Eleversity consultants conduct comprehensive needs assessments and develop customized educational opportunities to support your company’s diversity initiatives. We understand racial equity in the workplace is an urgent issue to address so whether its facilitating conversations or providing large group training like social justice workshops or diversity conferences, Eleversity educators can help. your staff understand topics like implicit bias, privilege and cultural competency. However, conversation and information aren’t enough to make change.

That’s why Eleversity consultants also work with your workforce development team to ensure effective hiring practices and policy enhancements to move your business from conversation to action. Contact Eleversity today to get the conversation started.

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