Customized Training

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all learning. Customize right-fit education and training for your workforce.

Rely on our experts for designing learning systems

Eleversity can develop training experiences unique to the needs of your company and provide expert trainers who can deliver those trainings to any level of your organization.

Eleversity conducts comprehensive needs assessments and develops customized educational opportunities for organizations that desire highly qualified instructors, the latest industry updates and state-of-the-art human services strategies and techniques.

Curriculum Development

Eleversity works with your organization to plan, design, write and evaluate curricula to meet your education goals. As part of that process, Eleversity can:

  • conduct research to identify your desired deliverable
  • analyze the targeted learners and then tailor the course content to those learners
  • create competency based course objectives
  • develop course materials, including lesson plans and manuals
  • design assessments and exercises to measure the transfer of learning
  • evaluate course effectiveness

Let us create a curriculum that will address your learning objectives.

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