Women of Color-Workshop/presentation application

  • Important information for presenters

    Thank you for your interest in joining us as a workshop presenter at the premiere North American Women of Color Summit. Please note that all workshop presenters are volunteers who value the advancement and development of women and young women of color. More than 1000 women across New York State and various regions of North America will convene virtually over four days of power-packed learning, development and networking.
  • Suggested Topics

  • Track A- Taking Flight (Professional Development and Career Advancement)

    -Key Management Skills 101 -Managing Multiple Projects and Priorities -Mentorship, Sponsorship and Coaching -Communicating with Authority, Tact and Confidence -Communicating during Critical and Difficult Conversations (interview preparation, negotiation, etc.) -Essential Leadership Skills -Corporate Career Development -Career Planning and Advancement Strategies -Cultivating the Next Generation of Leaders -Leadership Styles and Personality Traits
  • Track B- Navigating the Me World (Developing the Inner You)

    -Representing & Marketing Yourself -My Brand -Managing Emotions and Composure at Work -Conflict Resolution: My Role and Response -Character, Integrity, Ethics and Morals a What am I Projecting? (Self-esteem and Self-confidence) -Maneuvering the Glass Ceiling- How do I get through? -Healing and Self-Care -Women of Color: Stigmas, Myths and Stereotypes
  • Track C- Owning the Room (Your Influence and Community Advocacy)

    -Understanding your Civic Duty -Community and Social Justice Issues -Equity- Positions and Pay -Poverty and Health Disparities -Savvy and Sophistication -Inclusion: Board Room and Donor Development -Volunteering and Giving Back a Workplace diversity from the top down. Where do we start the conversations? -Moving Beyond Allyship- the Next Action Steps -Deconstructing -White Privilege as a Barrier -Philanthropy through the Lens of Diversity and Equity
  • Track D- Getting My Own Purse (Health and Financial Wellness)

    -Stress Management for Busy Women -Balancing Act: Family, Work and Play -Women of Color and Health Disparities- What does that mean for me? Equity Across Salary, Systems and Social Determinants -Exercise and Fitness- Get Moving -Supporting Caregivers – Why Me? -Reality of Pandemic- Survival Kit -Overcoming Procrastination and Enhancing Preparation Skills -Meditation and Spirituality -Planning for the Unknown: Estate, Insurance, Death & Dying, Wills and Power of Attorney -Money Management Tools for Women
  • Track E- Women Beyond (Careers outside the Norm )

    -STEM Careers. Is this for me? Why not? -Entrepreneurship: From Vision to Reality -Behind the Business: Building the Capacity to Run a Successful Business Owning a Business: Website, Marketing, and Accounting -Non-Traditional Careers (online, home-based, trade industries, truck driving, etc.) -Art of Networking and Social Media -Medical, Engineering and Technology -Civic Engagement and Policy -Social Justice and Community Responsibility -Arts and Culture -Non-traditional Educational and Training Opportunities -Global Career Opportunities Traditionally unknown or unavailable to Women of Color
  • Example workshop description: "Your professional relationships are too valuable to be sabotaged by anger, stress or disappointment. This eye-opening session will help you keep control over your emotions and stay calm and level in the most highly charged situations. Learn relief strategies to sidestep emotional crisis and save your energy and passion for more productive pursuits. Workshop Key Objectives: (1) Break the bad habits that set emotions spinning (2) Main your professionalism and credulity in non-inclusive environments (3) Halt festering conflicts before they have the chance to explode into damaging outbursts (4) Know the most effective responses for the emotional overreactions of others (5) Apply first aid for furious feelings: immediate steps to take when you’re about to 'lose it.'"
  • Example Bio: "Andrea Cain, Ed.D. MBA, MS has worked in not-for-profit organizations for over 20 years. She currently works for Goddard Riverside Community Center in New York City as their Deputy Executive Director for Performance Improvement and Innovation. She worked for The Community Place of Greater Rochester for 5 years as their Chief Program Officer/Vice President of Programs; where she oversaw all program operations and community partnerships for the agency. She also previously worked for the Epilepsy Foundation of Rochester Syracuse Binghamton as their Chief Operating Officer and agency representative/board member for the Epilepsy Coalition of New York State. Dr. Cain is also an adjunct professor at Empire State College and St. John Fisher colleges. She has sat on several boards, and was a member of the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) committee for Monroe County, Dr. Cain received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from SUNY Brockport, Masters in Human Service Administration and Doctorate in Executive Leadership from St. John Fisher College and recently completed her Master’s in Business Administration in Finance from Trident University."
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